(eng) Antepavilion

(eng) cafe Copernico

copernico — milano

(eng) casa CI

2018 — milano

(eng) (Not for sale.)

2018 — milano — salone

(eng) Unfolding Pavilion

2018 — biennale — venezia

(eng) mare culturale urbano

mare culturale urbano — milano

centro culturale e di produzione artistica a milano

(eng) comacchio comparto sant’agostino

2017 — comacchio — milano

(eng) casa MF

2016 — capiago intimiano

a courtyard in a village in Lombardy

(eng) casa B

2015 — capiago intimiano

an attic of a patrician house in como

(eng) atelier e showroom

2015 — milano

A place of reflection, design and production of haute couture clothing

(eng) mare 1

mare culturale urbano — milano — sperimentazione

experimental project for mare culturale urbano

(eng) casa FM

2016 — milano

un edificio a torre dei primi anni Trenta

(eng) casa M

2013 — paesaggio — uliveto

landscape study 

(eng) casa S

2013 — milano

loft in milan

(eng) vigevano piazza sant’ambrogio

2013 — milano — vigevano

competition inviting ideas

(eng) estensione A

2011 — milano

study for an extension of a building in Milan

(eng) casa NL

2011 — milano

an apartment is reformed through the idea of maximum flexibility

(eng) casa F

2008 — 2010 — attico — milano

reform of a 1900s Milanese building’s attic

(eng) casa abbend

2010 — milano

second of a series of “no construction” interventions in milan

(eng) campus universitario lugano

2010 — 2011 — lugano

(eng) bico de baixo

2010 — lisbona

recovery plan for the areas around the botanical gardens in lisbon

(eng) casa C

2009 — brasil — sao paulo

first of a series of “no construction” interventions in sao paulo

(eng) colares

2009 — colares — portugal — sintra

internal reform, expansion, and connection of two small country houses in portugal

(eng) una nuova isola per venezia

2008 — 2009 — carlo gandolfi — venezia

a new island for venice

(eng) acropoli di napoli

2007 — napoli

(eng) loft a milano

2007 — loft — milano

loft atelier in milan

(eng) samara, russia

2002 — milano — russia — samara

a project for an itinerary connecting grushin’s railway station to the festival stage