(eng) acropoli di napoli

Naples, 2007

Carlo Gandolfi with Cecilia Fumagalli and Carlo Alberto Golin

Project type: architectural and landscape
Design levels: preliminary project
Dimensional data: land area = XXXXX m²; GFA = XXXXX m²
Developer: private – Naples City Council / “Ideas and Projects for Naples Historic centre” Workshop –  Fondazione Internazionale per gli Studi Superiori di Architettura
Published in: “Idee e progetti per il centro storico di Napoli. Progetti contemporanei per la città storica”, by F. Visconti e R. Capozzi, ESI, Roma-Napoli, 2008

The strategy of the Naples City Council’s proposal to demolish the building facing Piazza Cavour to build a system that leads up to the acropolis is dual: to act upon the existing building so to relate to the surrounding urban space while trying to trigger a series of relationships currently completely severed.
Once the building is stripped of all internal and external claddings, new service systems and secondary structures and a mechanical ascension system connected to the subway lines are associated to it.
This creates a framework in which diaphanous and reversible volumes are inserted creating a system of exposition areas and workshops for various fixed or temporary functions.
This way, a series of overlapping plazas are created alongside Piazza Cavour, today a mere traffic area, overlooking it. The building is therefore not hypocritically eliminated, but turned into a resource and a possible transformation prototype for other similar cases.
The project was displayed in the church of Donnaromita in Naples in July 2008 and earned a honorable mention at the 12° Incontro Ischitano di Architettura Mediterranea Antico/Moderno. Paesaggi in trasformazione following the exhibition at Castello Aragonese in Ischia (October 5-7, 2007)