(eng) bico de baixo

Lisbon, 2010

Federico De Molfetta / Carlo Gandolfi

Project type: architectural and landscape
Design levels: Preliminary project
Dimensional data: land area = 2816 m²; GFA = 733 m²
Expected cost: 1.105.000 €
Developer: Public – Literature department University of Lisbon
Published in: «Costruire» n° 331, December 2010

A clear, sharp, imposing wall irrupts into Lisbon’s urban fabric, carving out a container of exotic plants. Nature and artifice.
The recovery plan for the areas around the Botanical Gardens of the University of Lisbon includes an intervention to relocate the technical and maintenance activities of the green areas. The project deals with the East side area of the Gardens, considering three distinct functional areas. The first area, open to the public, is a terraced Rock Garden. The second area, intended for scientific research activities, includes the plant nurseries and the greenhouse. The last, reserved access area includes a technical building hidden in the ground and illuminated from the top. The building volume, which develops in parallel to the retaining wall, is made up of an open-air equipment storage, auto workshops, warehouses, changing rooms, and residence and formation areas.