(eng) campus universitario lugano

Lugano, 2010/2011

Federico De Molfetta / Carlo Gandolfi with Roberto Bonadeo

Project type: international competition
Dimensional data: land area = XXXXX m²; GFA = XXXXX m²
Displayed in the lecture hall at USI Lugano (July 14 – 27, 2010)

The project adds values to the relationship between collective buildings and open spaces. These spaces shun the elementary and vague attitude of rudimentary and mechanical interstices: they yearn to become part of the city, to be for the city.

Landscape and Architecture
The line of reasoning on the Cassarate – USI Campus – Ciani Park – Lake system takes into careful consideration a new and important urban moment.
The Cassarate line – already perceived as an actual ecological passageway – ceases to be a border, a ridge between two parts of the same tissue. It becomes a joint, a landscape resource able to connect Lake Ceresio to a sequence of open spaces that start from the Ciani Park, through to the university campus, all the way to Cornaredo, creating a sort of counter-current itinerary that allows to rediscover the city from a different point of view. New large-scale projects in cities have always triggered subsequent outcomes. For this reason the new campus is not limited to its local specificity, but aims to become a new urban-scale hub. The new public space, with its own legible identity, functions as the counterweight for the actual campus, almost as if the project’s passageway acts as the balanced beam of an ideal weighing scale composed of the two poles.