(eng) colares

Colares, Sintra, Portugal, 2009 –

Carlo Gandolfi with Federico De Molfetta

Project type: architectural and landscape
Design levels: preliminary, final, executive project
Developer: private
Status: in progress

The internal reform, expansion, and connection of two small country houses in a natural park on the Atlantic oceanside. Set on a piece of land once part of a greater Quinta, the houses are surrounded by a wall. The South side of the property overlooks a deep garden oriented towards the hills of Sintra.
The space that surrounds the buildings on the North side is considered as the expansion of a vast interior space, hence the idea of multiplying patios and adjacencies on various levels. On the South entrance a terrace rests on a slope and a patio serves as the entrance hall. On the West side a parterre constitutes a relax area, and finally, on the North side, a courtyard shaded by a grand maritime pine revolves around an old fireplace. It’s as if the spaces inside of the house were overlooking the atelier backdropping the lot as a great, open-air room.