(eng) nursery Sluderno – Bz


Lamberto Amistadi, Carlo Gandolfi, Kuno Mayr

Project type: Competition inviting ideas

Sluderno town grows in relation to the Sluderno river in the end of the small valley at the foot of the hill where the Coira castle stands. Paths and roads lead you tangent to the walls of the cemetery down the valley to reach Malles and Glorenza towns. The state road and the recently built railway serve this continuity between the compact urban space and the open landscape.
The project for the new nursery follows the existent morphological orientation and at the same time allows and protects the visual connection between the urban settlement and the valley and vice versa. From these compositional principles came the following project strategies: an elongated one storey volume that develops following the morphological orientation without filling up the entire space between the school and the community hall. The nursery’s garden serving as urban threshold between the village and the valley. A porch that allows the visual connection between the new square and the nursery’s garden. Creating a new horizon line with a perimeter wall that follows the volume in order to frame the surrounding landscape and the nearby mountains.
The static structure of the building is determined by the same compositional principles: the ceiling of the volume rests on the functional units, and its low and stretched development underlines the horizontality of the intervention in tectonic contrast with the fragility of the glass facade.