(eng) una nuova isola per venezia

Venice, 2008/2009

Carlo Gandolfi, Kuno Mayr

Project type: architectural and landscape
Design levels: preliminary project
Dimensional data: land area = XXXXX m²; GFA = XXXXX m²
Developer: private – Immobiliare Veneziana (real estate agency)
Prototype photos: © Umberto Ferro / Laboratorio IUAV

The project subject, carried out within the Architectural Composition PhD at IUAV in Venice and suggested by the I.VE, establishes itself as a research on the city limit towards the lagoon. The idea of creating a new, autonomous island is counterposed to that of a simple rearrangement and reallocation as residential area of the Cannaregio Ovest area now fallen into disuse. The idea is, starting from a Palladian Venetian house prototype, to build a compact, low structure (three stories high) composed of small, two-floor ateliers alternating in-line residences that stand above private or public patios. Starting from the re-elaboration of the Venetian palace tripartite scheme, the idea is that minimum expansions of the streets’ sections can intensify the spacial relationships. A device studied in section allows for the atelier’s ground floor skylight to interrupt the view’s continuity between the facing rooms on the second floor, determining the course of the roofing covered in photovoltaic panels.