bunker is a design and research studio founded by Carlo Gandolfi in 2006, operating between Milan, Venice, Lisbon, and Sao Paulo.
Bunker operates on all levels of design: graphics, staging, interior, city, and landscape design. The research approach allows for an overall view ranging from the blank page to the open space, able to grasp the importance of quality in different contemporary contexts.
bunker’s formation has a variable structure, availing itself through the years of internal and external collaborations, realizing designs, winning contests, and gaining acknowledgements both in Italy and abroad.

Roberto Molteni, born in Como, Italy, architect (Polytechnic University of Milan), studied self-construction processes in the contemporary city for PRIN (Research projects of national interest). Registered with the Architects’ Association of the province of Como, after collaborating with various design studios, he has been working with Carlo Gandolfi since 2012.

Carlo Gandolfi, born in London, A-levels in classical subjects, studied at the Polytechnic University of Milan and at the Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
Registered with the Architects’ Association of the province of Milan, PhD from IUAV University (Venice, Italy) in Architectural Composition, he has taught at the Polytechnic University in both Turin and Milan, gives lectures in various cities, takes part in international seminars and conferences. He now teaches design at the Department of Architecture at the University of Parma.

bunker’s collaborators:
Francesco Apostoli, Roberto Bonadeo, Tommaso Brighenti, Martino Guidobono Cavalchini, Edoardo Cleva, Federico De Molfetta, Lucas Durães, José Paulo Gouvêa, Giacomo Kihlgren, Andreas Kofler | Weltgebraus, Rocco La Rosa, Martina Landsberger, mammafotogrammaKuno Mayr, Giulia Melioli, Dora Pugliese, Mattia Nuzzo,
Catherine Otondo, Dario Paini, Andrea Puppa, Marco Ranocchio, Alessandro Carlo Rainieri, Marciano Rizzo, Martin Jasper, Costanza Ronchi, Claude Marzotto e Maia Sambonet, Marco Tomasi, Carlotta Torricelli e Sara Riboldi